The Primo Gentleman

Some may say that Gentlemen are a dying breed, and if you live in a city like ours, it may certainly seem that way sometimes. But we've found that behind every short-fused 'road rager', is a stand-up guy, quietly blazing his trail. Here's a round-up of some of the city's most dapper (Primo) men, getting candid about superpowers, Bucket Lists, and what it means to be a 'Gentleman' today.


The Primo Gentleman
Siddhaarth Jalan - Food Media Wizard
Nov 28 2016

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As head honcho at the Times Food Guide, Awards & What's Hot, Siddhaarth is arguably one of the most influential men in the F&B industry. A fan of the Rat Pack and Audrey Hepburn, he's a man of great taste (and style, as evident in the pictures)!

Q) A superpower you would like to have?
A) The ability to fly.

Q) What advice would you have for your 16 year old self?
A) Pay attention to detail.

Q) In today's world, what does it mean to be a 'Gentleman'?
A) In my opinion, it's the same as it always was and hasn't changed. It's a person who is good, honest and courteous.

Q) What is your ultimate 'Bucket List' item?
A) Hang out with the Rat Pack.

Q) What do you regard as your single biggest achievement in life so far?
A) Not having lost it when things got really bad.

Q) Who is the most attractive woman in the world according to you?
A) Audrey Hepburn

Q) What is your absolute favourite thing to eat in Delhi?
A) A meal at Artusi

Q) How has Primo Privilege contributed to your life?
A) Primo gives me great deals at the restaurants I love.

Q) Your dream car
A) The Ferrari Laferrari

Q) Describe your perfect meal.
A) Too difficult to describe.

Siddhaarth has been groomed at Truefitt & Hill, Meharchand Market. To know more about Truefitt & Hill's services and their locations, click here.

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