The Primo Woman

This autumn we're celebrating some of the most talented and stylish women from the city (who just happen to be Primo Members, of course!). Here are the cool cats at their candid best, styled in fun and fabulous designer wear from fashion maven Nida Mahmood's collection.


The Primo Woman
Mannat Kharbanda - Graphic Designer
Aug 30 2016

A simple and straightforward person who believes things are either black or white with no room for grey, Mannat is a graphic designer with her own signature style. The co-boss at Raasta is a creative genius who loves experimenting with things around her to create something new.

Q) A superpower you would like to have.
A) Have the strength to beat up all the big bullies and uncouth people.

Q) What is the most challenging thing about being a woman?
A) In this country fighting for our rights and in personal life keeping men interested in what we are talking about rather than just staring at us!

Q) Which woman inspires you and why?
A) No matter how cliché this sounds, I have to say the woman who inspires me the most is my Mom. I feel the creative side in me has come from her (which I can’t thank her enough for, haha). Everything that she does for everyone around her is selfless which is commendable.
Professionals I look up to are Jessica Walsh and Malika Favre. They are inspiring artists, each one brilliant at their individual style of work. Both work with a lot of bold colours and travel to different parts of the world to explore as an artist which I usually tend to shy away from.  

Q) From your travels around the world, which country has the best looking men?
A) Haha I would have to say India! I found my husband in Delhi and he is the best looking man I have ever seen ;)

Q) A book or movie that left a mark on you.
A)I'm not big on reading though honestly I would like to (I might just start after this interview!) and I really don't take movies seriously.

Q) Name 5 things in your bag that you can't leave the house without.
A) Iphone cable, laptop bag,  a crazy accessory,  lip gloss, and last but not the least Joy my husband.

Q) What brings a smile to your face?
A) Positive vibes and going home to my first pet Scamper (the love of my life!)

Q) The thing you love most about being a woman. 
A) We have all the clothes at our disposal (women and men) and that’s how trial room also happened!

Q) What do you regard as your single biggest achievement in life so far?
A) Getting married…lol! Ok seriously, leaving the job and starting my own design company Bug Eyes Designs and now being covered by Primo :)
Q) Your absolute favorite thing to eat in Delhi. 
A) Anything with less masala.

Q) How has Primo Privilege contributed to your life?
A) After this coverage it’ll make me famous..yaay! On serious note it has helped me visit different places and meet different people from various parts of the world, which has improved my knowledge and has made me more aware. The brunches are the best way to do that and primo has made it possible.

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Mannat has been styled by Nida Mahmood and is wearing one of Nida's creations. To see more of Nida's work, please visit her Primo Page here.

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