The Primo Woman

This autumn we're celebrating some of the most talented and stylish women from the city (who just happen to be Primo Members, of course!). Here are the cool cats at their candid best, styled in fun and fabulous designer wear from fashion maven Nida Mahmood's collection.


The Primo Woman
Karime Kasey - Psychologist
Aug 26 2016

An uncomplicated person, Karime loves spending time with family and friends. A psychologist by qualification, she enjoys simple pleasures like watching movies with her husband (sorry gents).  She's a cat lover, a happy dancer, and an intrigued psychologist.

Q) A superpower you would like to have.
A) Teleportation!

Q) What is the most challenging thing about being a woman?
A) Overcoming our fears. For example, thinking that we can’t take on certain challenges or are unable to do something because of our gender.

Q) Which woman inspires you and why?
A) Anne frank, because she demonstrated courage, endurance, compassion, and solidarity during such hard times. I can’t believe how much bravery her heart could hold!

Q) From your travels around the world, which country has the best looking men?
A) Jordan

Q) A book or movie that left a mark on you. 
A) The diary of Anne Frank

Q) Name 5 things in your bag that you can't leave the house without.
A) Phone, wallet, candy, inhaler, keys, lots of love and hugs to give away!

Q) What brings a smile to your face? 
A) The memory of my mistakes. 

Q) The thing you love most about being a woman.
A)  I love everything about it!  I’m sure there are lots of things I’d love if I was a man.  But some of my favorite aspects of  being a woman are:  I’m better at multitasking than my husband and I don’t have to shave my face!

Q) What do you regard as your single biggest achievement in life so far?
A) I’m blessed to say I have achieved all the goals I have set for myself.  However, I think that my biggest achievement is yet to come. I’m always looking to accomplish more tomorrow than I did today.

Q) Your absolute favorite thing to eat in Delhi. 
A) Tandoori paneer and chicken tikka.

Q) How has Primo Privilege contributed to your life?
A) Primo is not just a discount card in my wallet.  It gives me the possibility to be a member at the coolest places in Delhi.  It has given me the perfect excuse to explore different venues in the city and meet amazing people!

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Karime has been styled by Nida Mahmood and is wearing one of Nida's creations. To see more of Nida's work, please visit her Primo Page here.

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